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Our History

The founder and creator of CALLYS, Pierre Leunis, follows a long line of committed and creative experts in the cosmetic and scientific fields. Skin care, beauty, and dedication to scientific research have been the driving passions behind the family's success for over four generations.
Their story begins at the end of the 19th century when his great-grandfather, Octave Leunis, at the age of 14, began an apprenticeship as a hairdresser, wigmaker and perfumer with the renowned Maison Beausire. His experience led him to develop his own range of cosmetics and perfumes, and to eventually become the official supplier of the Belgian Royal Court and the National Theater of Belgium
Octave Leunis’ son and grandson forged paths in the sciences, studying and researching in the fields of industrial chemistry and biochemistry. The grandson, Jean-Claude, became an expert in phytotherapy and a university professor. His wife, Monique Leunis-Vasanne, passionate about aesthetics and skin care, created her own range of cosmetic products. Their goal was to offer effective and innovative skin care products that were cutting edge for their time.
The family story continues with their son Pierre creating the company CALLYS Cosmetics SA, with the intent of developing a unique skin care range of high tech skin care products that uses nature as its source, and science as its discipline.
With the continued involvement of his parents Jean-Claude and Monique, Pierre strives to modernize the skin care line with the most active natural ingredients available. CALLYS Time Controller Serums continues a long family tradition of creating beautiful products that meet the highest standards.